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Cardinal Funerals

A burial service – or interment – is the human ritual of placing your loved one into a burial plot in the ground or into an above-ground burial such as a crypt, vault or mausoleum. For a burial service you will need to decide on a coffin or casket, and the preferred location of the burial plot. Your Cardinal Funerals director can assist you in making the arrangements to purchase a new gravesite, unless a burial plot was purchased in advance in which case the burial will take place at the existing site.

Many families choose to hold a graveside service as part of their farewell to a loved one.

A graveside service can be the sole venue for the entire funeral service, meaning the funeral service will be conducted at the actual site of the grave, or the graveside service may be one part of a traditional funeral service, taking place after a service at an alternative venue.

A graveside service can be personalised to your values, culture and spiritual, emotional or personal preferences. As an example you can have music played to your choose, release of doves, butterflies or balloons into the air.
You may wish to add any other special touches you think appropriate.